Visited the Life Luxe spa during a business trip to Vancouver, was amazed by their massage therapies, my back never felt better! Heard some great things about their body treatment, will definitely try it out during my next visit!


Best pedicure I’ve had in years, very careful and professional staff using the newest tools and highest quality products, absolutely worth every dollar!


Got a Life Luxe gift certificate for my birthday, so far one of the most thoughtful presents I’ve received. I went for a full day of spa including body treatment, mani & pedi and a facial. A blissful experience, If only I had a birthday every week.


Full relaxation and great service, I really enjoyed my time at this spa and all the attention from the personnel. The waxing procedure was almost painless, I’m most definite that the specialist’s professionalism had a lot to do with this. Can’t wait for my next visit.


A pedicure and a manicure I had at this spa really went the distance! I came home from a 10-day journey to Vancouver and the polish was still intact! I also enjoyed talking to their knowledgeable specialist, she gave me amazing advice regarding home care. All in all, a very pleasant experience.


Loved the luxury feel of the spa and the extra attention and care towards customers. Have been to three body treatment sessions so you can say I’m a regular! And trust me, I’ve had my share of good spas.


Visited Luxe Life with my bridesmaids and it was a very relaxing experience. The manicure they gave me lasted my entire honeymoon!


Just had a first experience at this place that I’ve heard so much about from my girlfriends. Had an amazing massage and already plan my next visit. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and the overall atmosphere is very calming.


Have been going to life luxe spa for facials for a while now and don’t plan to go anywhere else. The cosmetics they use for deep cleansing leaves my skin glowing for weeks, I forgot about the bad breakouts I had before discovering this place. Highly recommended!


Excellent hand treatment! A couple of sessions and some tips from the hand dermatologist totally helped me beat my terribly dry hand skin problems. You know how painful they can be in the winter time.